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Discover the Origin of Buffalo Wings on Our Exclusive Chicken Wing Tour

Welcome to the Buffalo Bike Tours blog! Today, we’re thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with a special guest from our popular Wing Ride tour

This tour not only offers a scenic bike ride through Buffalo’s historic neighborhoods but also provides a unique culinary experience featuring the origins of the Buffalo chicken wing. Our guest is none other than the daughter of John Young, the man who introduced Buffalo to its beloved chicken wings with his signature mumbo sauce. 

Join us as we explore her personal memories, the cultural significance of chicken wings, and the unforgettable experience she shares with our tour participants.

An Inside Look at Our Buffalo Tours: The Wing Ride Experience

Q: It’s been great to have you as a featured guest on our Wing Ride tour for the last few years. For someone who has never been or doesn’t know anything about it, what can people expect if they take the tour?

A: They’ll get a little bit of history about the neighborhood and the bar there, and they may even get to talk to the owner. I then meet the guests and inform them about the history of John Young and his relationship to the Buffalo chicken wing. We’ll go into some details about how my dad got started, where he got his ideas about chicken wings, and how his iconic mumbo sauce was developed. And then, of course, people will be able to sample the chicken wings along with his sauce the way he did it.

Q: So, just to be clear, you’re John’s daughter, and you actually share some of your first-hand memories and even cook for the guests?

A: I was more or less his secretary. He did a lot of writing and told me how he started the business. And so I share that with guests on the tour. And I worked in the restaurant as a young adult so I talk about those memories. And then, yes, we’ll sample the Buffalo Wing the way it was originally sold back in the early ’60s, with the mumbo sauce.

Q: That’s a really unique experience. How has it been being a part of this tour? What has it been like sharing this story and reviving the recipe with a new generation?

A: It’s been fun. It’s obviously always a good thing for people who remember when my dad was in business. But then the new generation – it’s exciting. I notice this generation is hooked on Google – they’ll Google it and John Young will come up. To see their faces and see their expressions when they taste my dad’s wings, that’s great.

I have really enjoyed the school groups that came. One was a group of females that came from a school here in Buffalo – another, some young men. Some have been from out of the country. To talk to people, not even from the United States that are interested in learning more about my dad was impressive.

Tourists in front of chicken wing mural in Buffalo NY

Connecting Buffalo’s History with Our Chicken Wing Tour

Q: Do you see a connection between Buffalo’s history, the great migration, soul food, and chicken wings?

A: Well, obviously, with the Great Migration, people came in large groups from the South years ago because of the difficulties they faced there. My father was part of that, his family. They came from Alabama looking for a better life.

It is interesting – when he was a kid, he cooked with his father down in Alabama on a steamboat, and they ate wings all the time. And so for him to now come up to New York with his dad and get his own restaurant, and start selling those wings – that is a great connection.

My father was the first one to present wings in Buffalo with his version of mumbo sauce – people need to know that. They say people always ate chicken wings and it’s not something new. That is true, but my father is the one who brought it to life here in Buffalo. And from Buffalo, it spread all over the country.

I respect Buffalo Bike Tours and how they’ve been working to get the story out. They present a number of places to get good wings. But the fact that we’re on the tour as the originator of the wing is an honor and I appreciate it. Hopefully, more people will come and get on a bike, eat some wings, and burn some calories.

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Join Our Wing Ride Tour for an Unforgettable Buffalo Experience

Our Wing Ride tour is more than just a bike ride; it’s an immersive experience that combines Buffalo’s rich history with its culinary heritage. Hearing firsthand from John Young’s daughter adds a personal touch that connects guests to the legacy of the original Buffalo wing. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to taste the original wings and learn the fascinating story behind them. Sign up for our Wing Ride tour today and make unforgettable memories while enjoying Buffalo’s best wings on two wheels!

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